Consultation on Taxi Licence Conditions



The Authority has recently made minor amendments to the Taxi Licence Conditions in order to improve the Conditions and make them more concise.

The Conditions have been sent to all of the Taxi trade, for information purposes.  They have also been sent to Councillors of the Local Authority, Town and Parish Councils, Essex Police, and the neighbourhood Noise and Enforcement Team for information.  All consultees may give comments if they so wish.

If you wish to make any comments about the Conditions please do so by no later than 9 July 2011 and forward to the address below:

Licensing Section, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex  CM16 4BZ



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Telephone: 01992 564034
Fax: 01992 561016

Or you can write to us at:
Licensing Team, Neighbourhoods Directorate, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street, ,  Epping , Essex CM16 4BZ

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