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Food premises registration

Food Premises Registration


Food Premises Registration


Food Premises requirements and how to register.

If you run a food business for more than 5 days in any 5 consecutive weeks, you must tell (or arrange for someone else to tell) the Local Authority about any premises you use for storing, selling, distributing or preparing food. Food premises include restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, supermarkets, staff canteens, kitchens in offices, warehouses, guest houses, delivery vehicles, buffet cars on trains, market and other stalls, hot dog and ice cream vans etc.

If you use vehicles for your food business in connection with permanent premises such as a shop, or warehouse, you only need to tell the Local Authority how many vehicles you have. You do not need to register each vehicle separately. If you have one or more vehicle, but no permanent premises, you must tell the Authority where they are normally kept.

Anyone starting a new food business must register with the Local Authority at least 28 days before doing so.
The majority of premises will have to be registered. However, certain premises are exempt from registration, e.g. some which are already registered for food law purposes, certain agricultural premises, motorcars, tents and marquees (but not stalls), some domestic premises and some village halls. You should contact your Local Authority if you think you might be exempt.

Registration is free. 

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