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Epping Forest District Council


Epping Forest Youth Conference
22.12.2014 - 22.12.2014 
District Wide
Equality Consultations


This consultation is closed.

When the pupils were asked what the biggest issue facing young people today was, 28% said alcohol, 28% said bullying and 20% said stress, 10% said drugs misuse, 8% said volunteering and 6% said skills and jobs.

The Youth Councillors launched a bullying awareness campaign in secondary schools during National Bullying Awareness Week (17 - 21 November).

They designed USB wrist bands promoting the #URNotALone Bullying Awareness Fact Sheet and useful information on their website and distributed 1200 USB wrist bands to all year 9's.

They worked with all secondary schools to support the #URNotALone Bullying Awareness Campaign with teachers posting selfies with their #URNotALone pledge.

They decorated a Christmas tree at the Epping Christmas Festival promoting #URNotALone. 



The Youth Conference targeted the 11-17 age group. The purpose was to raise awareness of Local Democracy Week 2014. It was attended by 90 Year 7–10 pupils, from the Epping Forest District, including the Epping Forest College and the home educated group.  The consultation identified 3 key issues facing young people, bullying, alcohol misuse and stress.

Why we consulted

To present the issues to the adult Councillors and to the Epping Forest Youth Strategy Group that have the resources to make the changes that will make young people feel they have been listened to. Give young people a voice raise awareness of Local Democracy Week make the Youth Councillors and adult Councillors more accessible raise the profile of the Youth Councillors and the work they do enable Youth Councillors to consult with young people on relevant issues engage young people in local politics give local young people an opportunity to voice their concerns establish the key concerns facing young people today.


Related Information and links: www.eppingforestdc/efyc Twitter:@eppingyc

Contact Name: Diane Butler Epping Forest District Council Civic Offices, 323 High Street, Epping, Essex CM6 4BZ

Services/Department: Communities

Telephone: 01992 564365


Areas/Location: Epping Forest district (all secondary schools)

Interests: Youth democracy, bullying, alcohol misuse, stress.



District Wide


This is a consultation exercise covering the whole district.