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Epping Forest District Council


Proposed Standards for Nursery Worker Accommodation
26.02.2016 - 07.08.2016 
District Wide
Housing Consultations


The consultation is now closed.


Proposed Standard Conditions for the Stationing of Caravans used to Accommodate Workers on Nursery Sites have been drafted in order to ensure that the accommodation is safe for people to live in. We propose to require that all caravan and mobile home accommodation meets these minimum standards but before we do so we would like to hear the views of Site Operators who are responsible for the accommodation. We have also produced a document of Terms and Conditions for Site Operators and Occupiers to sign up to at the start of the tenancy- we would like feedback on this as it is designed to be for the benefit of both parties. Finally, we have produced an Inventory List that we hope will be useful to Site Operators to help ensure that their caravans are maintained in good condition by the occupiers. We would like the views of the Site Operators as we want to ensure that the document is beneficial and appropriate to them

Why we consulted

We proposed to require that all caravan and mobile home accommodation meet the minimum standards required under the new Conditions but before we did so we heard the views of Site Operators who were responsible for the accommodation.  The Terms and Conditions that we produced and the Inventory List were for the benefit of the Site Operator and the Occupiers. We welcomed feedback as to whether the documents were worthwhile or whether any improvements could be made.

The draft documents were posted to all Site Operators of Nursery Sites in the District on 25 February 2016. We asked for the enclosed questionnaire and any other feedback to be returned to us by 7 April 2016.

Areas/Location All Horticultural Nursery Sites in the Epping Forest District
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Contact: Sandra Wilson
Service/Department: Private Sector Housing
Telephone: 01992 564390


District Wide


This is a consultation exercise covering the whole district.