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Epping Forest District Council


The Impact of an Ageing Population on the Services of Epping Forest District
04.01.2016 - 15.02.2016 
District Wide
Health Consultations



A series of informal consultation focus groups are being held with people aged 65 to 90 to ascertain what they believe will be their service needs and aspirations as they reach their very old age.

Why are we consulting

The study is included within one of the key objectives of the Council's Corporate Plan. The main reason we are consulting is because we have a very large percentage of the popluation who will be in their 70's and 80's and beyond in 2025 and the information will inform other studies being undertaken, including changes to future housing provision for older people. A key part of the study also aims to identify likely impact on the range of Council services. Some of the information collected will also be relevant to statutory partners, including West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and Essex County Council and where relevant and appropriate will be anonymously shared with them.

What happens next

The focus group were undertaken at the end of January.

Related Information and Links

Two staff consultation exercises have also taken place with staff who will reach their late 60's and 70's by 2025.

Contact Name:Julie Chandler - Gareth Nicholas
Service/Department:Community Services
Telephone:01992 564517

Area/Location:Epping Forest District
Interest:Health and Wellbeing

We asked

A range of questions depending on the group.

You said

We explained that the study is to inform the development of Council's services towards 2025.

We did

We interveiwed a range of groups from the Council's Lifewalks programme, New Horizons Scheme and a group organised by a local Councillor.


District Wide


This is a consultation exercise covering the whole district.