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Cannon's Green Lane

Cannon's Green Lane


Length: 1500m

Designation: Local Wildlife Site Ep200

Owners: Private

Grid Reference:  TL 57320 05975 {phocamaps view=link|id=29|text=Map}

Access: The lane has a public bridleway running down much if it length.

Description: This wonderful green lane is situated to the south of Cannon’s Green and 1km southeast of Fyfield. It forms an important wildlife corridor between arable fields, woodland and the River Roding. Along its length it is bounded by species rich ancient hedgerows which contain many significant veterans. The ground flora of the lane is significant too and a number of rarer plants exist along its length.

NI 197: As part of the District Council's commitment to NI 197 (Biodiversity of Local Wildlife Sites) Countrycare worked with the landowners to draw up a management statement and undertake some practical improvement works with contractors and volunteers supported financially by the Essex Wildlife Trust and Essex County Council.

Management Objectives

  • To create a sustainable bridleway which is safe and wide enough for all users. 
  • To maintain and improve the biodiversity of the lane.

Key Tasks

  • Enhance hedgerow structure and connectivity by coppicing and planting.
  • Remove scrub and trees from the centre of the lane to encourage floristic
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