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Featherbed Lane

Featherbed Lane


Size: 0.8ha

Designation: Local Wildlife Site Ep102

Grid Reference: TQ 484 946 {phocamaps view=link|id=34|text=Map}

Owner: Essex County Council

Access: Public Access

Site Description: The lane connects an area of recently planted woodland and the Lambourne End Centre (with a significant veteran tree population) to the ancient woodland of Hainault Forest in the south.  Hedgerows branch off to the east and west giving the landscape good connectivity for ground dwelling mammals.

The proximation to Hainault Forest and the 40 veteran trees found on the lane make it likely that the lane is used as a highway for bats.

The northern half of the lane is characterised by Field maple, Elm (some dead, which provide a good habitat for insects), Blackthorn and Bramble.

The southern half of the lane is characterised by coppiced Hornbeam and pollarded Oak, occasional Ash, some Holly and hedgerow species including Hawthorn.

There are a number of very significant veteran trees including a very old ash and hornbeam trees. Evidence of Badgers has been seen and the lane is known to be good for Bluebells in the spring.

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