Sites of Nature Conservation Value managed by Countrycare


Foster Street Burial GroundIn addition to the District’s nine Local Nature Reserves (LNR's), Countrycare has historically managed a number of other sites of high nature conservation interest.  These have been 'adopted' and managed by staff with the practical assistance of volunteers from the local community.

A further 12 sites are managed by Countrycare, some of which are also Local Wildlife Sites (LoWS). These sites have been identified for their special flora and fauna and have a county or regional wildlife value.  In this District LoWS are considered when planning applications are submitted.  The LoWS selection was made by the Essex  Wildlife Trust in 2009-10.  The Trust identified 222 sites in total.

Over the years, Countrycare has teamed up with a number of parish councils, landowners and other conservation organisations to manage a number of LoWS or other sites.  Below is a list of the sites to which Countrycare has a long term management interest:

  • Bobbingworth Former Landfill Site, Bobbingworth
  • Swaines Green (LoWS Ep 82) Epping
  • Civic Offices Pond, Epping
  • All Saints Church (LoWS Ep 71) Epping Upland
  • Epping Green Millennium Garden, Epping Upland
  • Norton Heath Common, High Ongar
  • Copy Wood Field, (LoWS Ep 55) Nazeing
  • Foster Street Burial Ground, North Weald
  • Thornwood Common Nature Area, North Weald
  • Spring Ponds Wood, Ongar
  • Cripsey Brook, Ongar (Jubilee Nature Reserve)
  • Old Shire Lane, Waltham Abbey
  • Great Wood and Mutton Corner, (LoWS Ep 106) Lambourne
  • Ape’s Grove, (LoWS Ep 96) Lambourne 

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