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Civic Offices Pond

Civic Offices Pond


Size: 690m²

Grid reference: TL46073 02402 {phocamaps view=link|id=20|text=Map}

Owners: Epping Forest District Council

Access: No public - access by appointment only.

Site Description: The pond is situated within a walled enclosure to the rear of Epping Forest District Council Offices 323 High Street, Epping. It is notable for containing four species of amphibian including Great Crested Newts,  Common Frog, Toad and Smooth Newt.  In addition to the good amphibian population the pond also supports a number of dragonfly species including the Broad Bodied Chaser and Common Darter.

The site consists of rough grassland, bramble and scrub. Numerous refuge sites have been created within the enclosure with a combination of compost heaps, tiles, brick and logs to provide habitat for amphibians and reptiles.

Management: Since 1992 Countrycare has given management advice and organised practical maintenance of the pond with the assistance of local volunteers. In practice this has meant annual maintenance of the vegetation within the enclosure and the management of pond vegetation. The water level does fluctuate significantly and is prone to invasion by greater reed mace. The pond has been desilted on a couple of occasions.
Surveys. Due to its steep banks and the strong vegetation cover in the summer the pond is very difficult to survey. However, in 2008 a full survey was undertaken. 

To read the management plan and for other information on Great Crested Newts, please see the links below:

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