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Apes Grove Wood

Apes Grove Wood


Size: 5.93 h

Grid Reference: TQ 47584 96977 {phocamaps view=link|id=38|text=Map}

Local Wildlife Site:  EP96

Owners: Essex County Council

Access: There is open public access around a circular route within the wood.

Site Description: Ape’s Grove (Ep96) is known locally as 'Bluebell Wood' and is a wonderful semi natural ancient woodland. It lies to the west of Abridge Village and is accessed via a public footpath from New Farm Drive, Abridge. The wood is bounded by an impressive ditch and bank which encloses a woodland stand of mainly hornbeam coppice, with occasional oak and ash standards. It has a sparse ground flora due to the heavy shade created by a largely closed canopy. Despite this a spectacular carpet of bluebells still dominate in springtime along with dog’s mercury and the occasional primrose. The wood lacks any established rides with access via an informal single circular route.

There are a number of notable veteran trees within the wood including a number of large hornbeam and ash coppice stools. The stand out trees are a wonderful large wild service tree and an ancient field maple pollard.

Epping Forest Countrycare have been working with Essex County Council to make Ape’s Grove more accessible for walkers. This has involved building a boardwalk through a particularly wet area of the wood, building steps to help prevent the erosion of the ancient bank boundary line and building bridges over the ditches running through the wood.

Essex County Council are currently drawing up a management plan for Apes Grove.


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