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Jubilee Plantation


Size: 1.71 ha

Grid Reference: TQ 47677 96472 {phocamaps view=link|id=40|text=Map}

Owners: Essex County Council

Access: There is open public access to Jubilee Plantation, but in reality there is only one main path which runs down its norther edge which is a public footpath.

Site Description: The wood is situated to the south east of Abridge Village and is part of the woodland cluster around Lambourne Hall. As the name 'plantation' suggests this wood is believed to have been planted around 1935 to mark George V's Silver Jubilee.

There are few old trees within the wood.  A few more mature trees exist on the eastern end with a some Oaks, Ash and Sweet Chestnut. As a secondary (planted) woodland the ground flora is generally poor, except for the very northern edge, where spring flowers such as bluebell can be found.

There has been little very recent management in the wood. However, approximately two thirds of the plantation was managed under a  Woodland Grant Scheme in the 1990s. In 1994, a hectare of over mature ash, pine and hawthorn was selectively felled and replaced with 30% oak, 50% ash and 20% hornbeam. The aim of this work was to try and produce a more balanced make up reflecting the other woods in the area.  Any future works will look to manage what was planted in the 1990s.

Essex County Council is currently writing a management plan for this wood.

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