Quality Review Panel

A Quality Review Panel has been established by Epping Forest, Harlow and East Hertfordshire District Councils, to ensure the design and delivery of high quality developments within the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. The same Quality Review Panel will also review major schemes within Epping Forest District. The council will generally expect schemes of more than 50 homes or 5,000 sq metres of commercial/ other floorspace to be informed by review. Other smaller complex schemes may also be appropriate for review.

Environment and design experts

18 built environment and design experts, from across a wide range of backgrounds and sectors, have been appointed to the Quality Review Panel to provide independent feedback for the councils and applicants on significant and strategic schemes. The panel will be chaired by Peter Maxwell, the Director of Design at the London Legacy Development Corporation. The Quality Review Panel is not a decision-making body, but has an advisory and transparent role. The panel provide impartial advice to support the delivery of high quality new places to live and work, in order to meet the needs of existing and future communities. Early engagement with the panel will be beneficial in the design and planning process, with clear and accessible feedback which will be a material planning consideration.

Types of review

The panel will be available for different types of review, for more information please see terms of reference below

  • Formal review
  • Chair’s review
  • Surgery review

For further information on the Epping Forest District Quality Review Panel, including the process, panel members, review types and costs.

For information on the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Quality Review Panel.