• The two arched gateways of the Abbey Gatehouse, Waltham Abbey
    The two arched gateways of the Abbey Gatehouse, Waltham Abbey
  • Nether Hall Gatehouse, Roydon
    Nether Hall Gatehouse, Roydon
  • Moated site of Ongar Castle, Ongar
    Moated site of Ongar Castle, Ongar

Scheduled Monuments


 Scheduled monuments are nationally important archaeological sites or historic buildings which have protection against unauthorised change. The list is in fact a register compiled by Historic England, but the final decision whether or not to schedule something is taken by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The purpose of the scheduling is to ensure that the character and special interest of the sites or monuments are preserved. Scheduled monuments enjoy special protected status under planning law.

There are 35 scheduled monuments in the district ranging from the earthworks of a Norman castle to Second World War fortifications to the site of a Roman villa. The National Heritage List for England is an online database of all heritage assets including scheduled monuments.

Find out more information on each scheduled monuments, including reasons for its designation, details of its history and exact location, by clicking on the links below:

Rockwood Hall moated site
List entry number: 1016879
Abbess, Beauchamp and Berners Roding

Ambresbury Banks slight univallate hillford
List Entry number: 1013517
Epping Upland (also partly in Waltham Abbey Parish)

Moated site 350m south of Dorrington Farm
List Entry number: 1016799
Epping Upland (also partly north Weald Bassett Parish

Moated site known as Spriggs
List entry number: 1016881
High Ongar

Roman Villa 300m south of Long Shaw
List entry number: 1008896

Loughton camp slight univallate hillfort
List entry number: 1013518

Wynters Armourie moated site
List entry number: 1016804
Moreton, Bobbingworth and The Lavers

Moated site known as Tadgells, 100m south west of The Cottage
List entry number: 1017003

Bundish Hall moated site
List entry number: 1017170

Moated site known as Tanner's Cottage, 250m south of Greens
List entry number: 1016880
Moreton, Bobbingworth and The Lavers

World War II bombing decoy Nazeing
List entry number: 1020391

Latton Priory, Essex
List entry number: 1017386
North Weald Bassett

A London mobilisation centre known as the North Weald Redoubt (also known as Essex Redoubt at Ongar radio station)
List entry number: 1018456
North Weald Bassett

Moated site known as Marshalls, 290m south of Weald Place
List entry number: 1017249
North Weald Bassett

Ongar Castle
List entry number: 1002189

Bowl barrow 50m north-west of footbridge: one of three round Barrows on Shelley Common, Ongar
List entry number: 1009244

Bowl barrow 90m north-west of footbridge: one of three round barrows on Shelley
List entry number: 1009243

Bowl barrow 120m north-west of footbridge: one of three round barrows on Shelley Common, Ongar
List entry number: 1009242

Cold War Heavy Anti-Aircraft gun site, 330m and 220m north-east
Of Halls Green Farm
List entry number: 1019890

Nether Hall, Roydon
List entry number: 1002192

Ongar Park Pale north-west of Collier’s Hatch
List entry number: 1014143
Stanford Rivers (and partly in Theydon Mount and Stapleford Tawney Parishes)

Moat House moated site
List entry number: 1017315
Stapleford Tawney

Roman villa south of Hill Farm
List entry number: 1008893
Theydon Garnon (and partly in Theydon Bois Parish)

Hill Hall, kiln site south-east of Hill Hall (formerly monument No.219) and site of Mount Hall (formerly monument No. 187)
List entry number: 1021438
Theydon Mount

Waltham Abbey, including gatehouse (formerly monument No. 44) and Stoney Bridge (formerly monument No. 59)
List entry number: 1002181
Waltham Abbey

The Temple, Temple Hill, Warlies Park
List entry number: 1002167
Waltham Abbey

Obelisk 325m north-west of Cobbin Pond
List entry number: 1002158
Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Factory
List entry number: 1016618
Waltham Abbey

Heavy Anti-aircraft gunsite on Lippits Hill, 370m north-west of Springfield Farm
List entry number: 1019487
Waltham Abbey

World War II Bofors Anti-aircraft gun platform 340m south-east of Cheshunt railway station
List entry number: 1021000
Waltham Abbey

Moated site immediately east of the Old Rectory
List entry number: 1016800

Moated Site Immediately West Of Skreens Lodge
List entry number: 1016801

Shellow Hall moated site
List entry number: 1016805
Moated site 100m south-west of Torrell's Hall
List entry number: 1016806

Purlieu Bank, Epping
List entry number: 1427620


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