Elections and voting

Information on elections and voting in the Epping Forest district.

The next election is on Thursday 2 May 2019

When's the next election?

Future elections

The next scheduled elections in the Epping Forest district are district council elections on Thursday 2 May 2019. This does not include by-elections, snap elections or referendums which can be held at any time.

2 May 2019

  • Epping Forest District Council election for 18 out of 58 district councillors
  • Parish and Town Council election for 10 out of 24 parish and town councils

7 May 2020

  • Epping Forest District Council election for 21 out of 58 district councillors
  • Parish and Town Council election for 14 out of 24 parish and town councils
  • Election for Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

6 May 2021

  • Essex County Council election of 7 county councillors representing the Epping Forest district

5 May 2022

  • General election of 3 MPs - the whole of the Epping Forest constituency and part of both Brentwood & Ongar and Harlow constituencies
  • Epping Forest District Council election for 19 out of 58 district councillors

About elections

District, Parish and Town, and County Council elections are held every 4 years. Parliamentary elections for MPs are held every 5 years. All use the first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system.

Epping Forest District Council votes by thirds, this means that a third of councillors are elected every year over a 4 year cycle (with no district elections in the fourth year).

Individual electoral registration (IER)

If you're not registered, you can't vote! Find out how to register to vote at electoral registration.

election newsElection news


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Find out more

You can find out more information on elections and the voting process at the About My Vote website.

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Telephone: 01992 564411
Email: elections@eppingforestdc.gov.uk

Or you can write to us at:
Electoral Services Epping Forest District Council Civic Offices High Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ

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