Policies, plans and strategies

We produce reports and plans, as well as publications and leaflets offering advice and guidance. We are directed by policies that govern our services and how they are provided. Some of these are from central Government and some are decided by local elected councillors.

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The Council Budget Book 2013/2014 is produced as part of the Rent and Council Tax setting process. It is a Revenue and Capital financial plan for Epping Forest District Council.


Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is the council’s highest level strategic document, setting out the direction for the authority over the period of the plan. It describes our vision for the district, and outlines the ambitions, aims and objectives which are designed to ensure that the vision becomes a reality. Therefore, the plan does not cover everything we do, but concentrates instead on a number of key areas that the council needs to focus on over these 5 years.

You can view the current Corporate Plan by clicking on the link below:

Executive (Cabinet) Forward Plan and Work Plan

There is a legal requirement for local authorities to publish a Forward Plan setting out the key decisions to be made in the four-month period ahead. Each successive Forward Plan has to be published and available for public inspection at least two weeks before the first day of the first month of the four-month period. Copies of the Forward Plan are available for inspection at the Council’s information offices throughout the District, as well as on the Council’s website in the Your Council section. The Executive (i.e. the Cabinet) is required by the Constitution to have a work programme, which indicates how the aims and objectives set out in the Council will be achieved. The work programme covers the year ahead and is found on the Forward Plan page.

Key Objectives

Each year we set a range of key objectives for the next twelve months which support the delivery of the Corporate Plan. The key objectives are the important targets that we want to achieve during the year, and each objective has a set of actions to be completed in order for it to be fully met.  Details of the key objectives and our progress towards their achievement for the current and previous years, can be viewed on our Current Performanceand Historic Performance pages.

The Council's Constitution

The Constitution sets out the principles, rules and protocols for the way in which the Council conducts its business. It includes the processes by which decisions are made and sets out who is responsible for what.

The Constitution complies with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000.

Local Code of Governance

Epping Forest District Council has agreed a Code of Corporate Governance which reflects the key components set out within a framework produced in April 2016 by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) entitled “Delivering Good Governance in Local Government”.

Data Quality

We are committed to using quality data is to get things right first time. In order to demonstrate our approach to managing and using timely and accurate data and information to improve services, our Data Quality Strategy outlines our strategic approach to ensuring data quality.

Value for Money

We are committed to providing value for money to our residents, service users and partners. In order to ensure that we make the best possible use of our resources, our Value For Money Strategy provides a clear, strategic approach to improving value for money.


Business Planning

Our business plans describe how our services will work over the course of the current year. Each plan sets out what the service wants to achieve during the year, how this will be completed and over what timescales. The business plans for all of our services are published at the beginning of each year as part of the Corporate Strategy Guide. 

Our Business Plans can be viewed or downloaded below:

Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts is prepared annually in accordance with the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in Great Britain 2008. The Epping Forest District Council Constitution came into effect in May 2001 with the advent of the council's cabinet structure.


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