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Green hay strewningEpping Forest Countrycare is Epping Forest District Council’s Countryside Management Service. Based within the Directorate of Planning and Economic Development, Countrycare is the key resource for advice, information and practical assistance on the countryside, nature conservation and wildlife law. 

Operating across the entire District, Countrycare undertakes a wide variety of community-based activities and coordinates a regular programme of practical conservation work.  The public enthusiasm and desire of people to make a difference is reflected in Countrycare's ability to recruit and keep a wide volunteer base.  As one of the Council’s primary 'enablers', Countrycare also involves people of all ages and abilities in every aspect of its work.

Countrycare provides an internal service to the Planning Directorate as ecological consultants for planning application decision making, mitigation and compensation advice.

Each year Countrycare produces an Annual Report highlighting all its work and activities.

Countrycare's key objectives

  • Preserve the landscape and wildlife habitats and biodiversity value of the District
  • To promote and support the designation of new Local Nature Reserves and the Local Wildlife Sites network across the District
  • Involve and educate local communities and schools in all aspects of the Service’s work
  • Promote a greater understanding and respect for the countryside
  • Provide Development Control planning application advice 


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Annual Reports

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Telephone: 01992 564224

Or you can write to us at:
Countrycare, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ


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