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Church Lane Flood Meadow Local Nature Reserve

Church Lane Flood Meadow Local Nature Reserve
Church Lane
CM16 6AL
North Weald


Size: 3.25 Hectares

Grid Reference: TL 494 047 {phocamaps view=link|id=5|text=Map}

Parish: North Weald

Owners: Epping Forest District Council 

LNR Declaration: 13 May 2002

Access: Open public access via public footpaths only. There is no designated car park for the nature reserve. Please park on Vicarage Lane. The land is obviously prone to flooding and can be very wet under foot.  

Site Description: Church Lane Flood Meadow LNR has been managed for wildlife since the start of a major flood alleviation scheme and now boasts an impressive list of plant species including Ragged robin, Marsh cinquefoil and Bee orchids. The site is also a haven for dragonflies, butterflies and amphibians.

This site was a major engineering and habitat creation project that started in 1989.

Church Lane Flood Meadow LNR is one of three sites created as part of the flood alleviation scheme for North Weald. 

A wet grassland meadow and large stream fed pond were created within the confines of the flood bowl and around the outside over 2,500 native deciduous trees have been planted at the toes of the slopes and on the sites boundary.  These developed as hedgerows and have recently been laid.

In wet summers areas of the meadow remain saturated and have developed as small marsh areas dominated by sedges and soft rush. Common Spotted and Bee Orchids have now begun to colonise the grassy banks.

In addition to the flora, over 16 butterfly and moth species have been recorded on the site along with over 10 dragonflies and 60 bird species. There is also a significant amphibian population with frogs and toads.

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In 1994 the first Countrycare volunteer warden wrote a diary of the wildlife of Church Lane over the course of the whole year.  It can be read on the pdf attached.

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