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Coleman's Lane Local Wildlife Site

Coleman's Lane Local Wildlife Site


Size: 640m in length and 5m wide

Designation: Local Wildlife Site Ep167

Grid Reference: TL 530015 {phocamaps view=link|id=37|text=Map}

Owner: Private

Access: The lane is a public byway and therefore open to all traffic, however, there is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on this piece of land which prevents motorised vehicles using the lane.
Site Description: Coleman's Lane is located by a small stream tributary of the River Roding north east of Stanford Rivers. It has hedgerows running either side of it most of the way along and is approximately 5m wide, although scrub has encroached in several places reducing its width to as little as 1m. The unsurfaced central track has significant patches of bare earth, due to trampling by horses and walkers. The soil is chalk boulder clay and the lane is very steep in places leading to water logging at the lower southern end due to runoff from the highest point and flooding where it crosses Stanford Hall Brook. The hedgerows are relatively species rich, containing five woody species per 30m and the southern section is bordered by ancient woodland which contains localised species such as yellow archangel. There are a number of veteran trees along the lane.

Management: Scrub clearance should take place every one or two years to prevent scrub encroachment on the lane and promote the growth of ground flora. Cutting of tall shrubs and overhanging branches will take place to reduce shading, this will also encourage the growth of ground flora.




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