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North Lane Local Wildlife Site

North Lane Local Wildlife Site


Location: Moreton

Designation: Local Wildlife Site Ep178

Size: 1,125m

Grid Reference: West TL 53334 07595 to East TL 54234 07340 {phocamaps view=link|id=33|text=Map}

Owner: Private

Access: The lane is a byway open to all traffic.

Site Description: North Lane is situated north of the village of Moreton and links Maltings Farm to Harlow road. The eastern end of the lane is poorly drained and therefore prone to flooding. The hedgerows are variable in size and density. On the eastern end the northern hedgerow is completely missing for 300m whereas the southern hedge is overgrown.

The central section of the lane has hedgerows either side of 4-6m in height and has species rich ground and field flora. These include dogs mercury, hairy st John’s-wort and black bryony.

Many trees and shrubs are found along the track including; field maple, ash, hazel, hawthorn, wayfaring-tree and wild privet.

Management: The scrub will be pushed back to open up the lane. Selective coppicing will open up the canopy to let in light for the ground flora. The drainage ditches will be kept clear to help minimise flooding at the eastern end of the lane. Areas near the wayfaring trees will be opened up to encourage these trees to spread.


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