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Oldshire Lane Nature Reserve

Oldshire Lane Nature Reserve


Size: 0.8 hectare 

Grid reference: TL 404 000 {phocamaps view=link|id=28|text=Map}                          

Owner: Epping Forest District Council

Access: Open public access

Epping Forest District Council acquired the land at Oldshire Lane in 1991, under a Section 106 Agreement relating to the development of the then Swallow Hotel.  Originally, the land had been an old nursery site.  The initial landscaping plan drawn up for the amenity land associated with the development failed resulting in the survival of just half a dozen trees. The site had then just been left and become totally overgrown with nettles, thistles, brambles, hogweed and other pernicious weeds.  

In March 2001, Countrycare was given operational responsibility for the strip of amenity land, following the failure of the landscaping scheme. A sum of £3K was given to complete the landscaping and the service began investigating  ways of increasing biodiversity on the site. Subsequently, a wildflower meadow was sown, a small pond created and 1500 trees planted.

The site is cut several times a year to in an effort to keep the nettles at bay and to encourage wildflowers to grow. The site is now home to several dragonflies and damselflies and in June Pyramid and Bee orchids can be seen on the banks of the stream.

Currently the site supports over 60 different species of grasses and wildflowers.

The long term goal for the site is to have it declared a statutory Local Nature Reserve. A  management plan has been produced which which will guide our work for the next 5 years. 

Countrycare hold regular volunteer days on the site.

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