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Conduit Wood and Featherbed Lane


Size: 1.57 ha

Grid Reference: TQ 47974 95725 {phocamaps view=link|id=41|text=Map}

Wildlife Site Reference Number: EP102

Owners: Essex County Council

Access: Conduit Wood has open access, but currently only has one path running through it which is a public footpath off Featherbed Lane. The lane is a designated bridleway.

Site Description: Conduit wood (Ep102) is a small scrubby ancient woodland situated north of Lambourne End.

There are several ponds in the wood as a result of a spring in the southern end. This spring combined with the poor drainage of the boulder clay the wood sits on has lead to much of the southern part of Conduit wood being wet underfoot.

The wood itself has a dense canopy of mainly Common oak, Ash and Common lime. Much of the ground flora is shaded out by this canopy, however, Dogs mercury, Bluebells and Bramble can still be found. Conduit wood is home to two nationally scarce insects, the Brown tree ant and a species of Crane fly.

Featherbed Lane which runs through Conduit Wood is an ancient green lane which is biologically very valuable, having diverse and rich flora typical of woodland rides. The lane has veteran pollards down its entire length and provides connectivity between the woods of Abridge and Hainault Forest to the south.  See Epping Forest Green Lanes Local Wildlife Site Project for more information about Featherbed Lane.

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