Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017

Crucial Crew photosCrucial Crew has been running since 2007, EFDC invites every year 6 pupil across the district to take part in 10 minutes workshops; workshops cover themes around fire safety, internet safety, bullying, healthy living, road safety, healthy relationships, alcohol misuse, healthy eating and building site safety. 

Crucial Crew is an interactive health and wellbeing and personal safety event based around key life skills that targets 10 - 11 year old children.  Crucial Crew teaches children how to tackle the hurdles they may encounter in everyday life and how to live a healthy positive life, in a very interactive way.

It is designed to help the children to:

  • Make healthy living choices
  • Accept responsibility for their own safety
  • Learn social responsibility
  • Make sensible decisions based on acquired knowledge. 

One of the many positive aspects of Crucial Crew is that all young people – whatever their academic ability – participate and shine.  Key messages are conveyed in an interactive way and young people are tasked with identifying practical solutions to the problems they encounter.

Some of the dilemmas the young people will face at Crucial Crew are, by their nature challenging, but they are delivered within a safe environment with support on hand.

We hope that you find the scenario information contained on this website informative and that the young people in your class will remember the vital safety messages for the rest of their lives.

Further details for the Crucial Crew event scheduled for 12 - 16 June 2017