Crime and SafetyCrucial Crew 2017


Crucial Crew enables Year 6 children to gain and insight into life skills, lessons in personal safety, along with crime prevention.  We aim to teach pupils all these skills in a positive and fun way.  The children will participate in many scenarios, some are listed below.

These events are designed to enable the child to prepare for situations they may encounter or become aware of at some stage during their life.  Representatives from the below organisations will participate at the event to deliver scenarios.

Scenario: 'Blind spots'


Scenario: 'Building sites - dangers and hazards'


Scenario: 'Healthy relationships'


Scenario: 'Drugs and alcohol'

Scenario: 'Bullying'

Scenario: 'Internet safety'


Scenario: 'Road safety'


Scenario: 'Healthy relationships'


Scenario: 'Healthy lifestyles


Scenario: 'Ambulance'


Scenario: 'Fire safety escape plans and
smoke alarm ownership'