What to do if you witness a crime or anti-social behaviour

Your details:  The Police will need to know who they are speaking to so that they can contact you again should they need to do so.  Give them your name and address where you can be reached, your landline telephone number AND your mobile number.

Location:  The Police Officers who attend to your call may not know the local area.  Give a clear location and include how to reach it.  A postcode will help to pin point rural locations and any landmarks, such as signs or buildings, can also assist. 

What did you see?  When you report an incident describe exactly what you saw.  If the incident was witnessed by someone else make sure you give the Police their details.  If you are still witnessing the incident when you make the call, stay on the line as long as you can.  In this way you can update the officers who are attending. Outline any obvious dangers to the officers, for example, guns or weapons seen.

Description:  Take note and if possible, write down a description of the suspects involved.  Firstly their physical appearance to include height, age, build, colour and length of hair etc.  Note any distinguishing features such as moustache, beard and spectacles.  Secondly, note their dress, and once again, any distiguishing items.  For example a hat, logo on  'T' shirt etc.  Finally, were they carrying anything? 

Vehicle details:  Make, model, colour and registration number of any suspect vehicle is the best information.  But, the vehicle may be running on false plates so any features on the vehicle which would distiguish it from other similar vehicles are also needed.  For instance, a broken wing mirror, different colour panel, writing on the side of the vehicle. 

Direction of travel:  If a suspect or suspect vehicle has left the scene, the police could waste a lot of time searching in the wrong direction.  Note in which direction the suspects/vehicle went and the time they left.  This will enable officers to concentrate their search in the more appropriate areas. 

If you witness a crime or an incident you think should be reported, please refer to our Witness Prompt Card to help you record and remember the relevant information the police or authorities will need.  


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Telephone: 01992 564608
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Or write to us at: Safer Communities Team, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street,,  Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE - if your complaint relates to abandoned vehicles, rubbish, fly-tipping or other environmental issues please email erefuse@eppingforestdc.gov.uk. To report defects in roads, pavements or lighting please contact Essex County Council Highways.

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