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Locally listed buildings

Epping Forest District Council has produced a list of buildings and other structures that are of local architectural or historic interest. This list is known as the Local List. It includes a wide variety of buildings and structures that are of local interest, but do not quite meet the national criteria for inclusion on the statutory list.

Locally listed buildings often make an important contribution to the character and appearance of the local scene and many are important local landmarks. Others have important historical links, with famous local individuals and organisations, or they represent significant aspects of the development of a particular area.

What are the implications of a Locally Listed building?

•    If a building or structure is included on the Local List, it does not mean that any additional consents are needed over and above any normal requirements for planning permission – such as for an extension or a conversion.

•    However, the Local List is linked to a new policy in the Council’s Adopted Local Plan, which states that special consideration will be given to any planning application that affects a     locally listed building.

•    In practice, this means that owners will be encouraged to avoid unsympathetic alteration or any other changes that would diminish the architectural and historic value of buildings included on the Local List. Total demolition of a building on the Local List will normally be resisted.

How are buildings and structures selected for inclusion on the Local List?

To be included on the Local List, the building or structure should satisfy (a), and either (b) or (c) below:
(a) authenticity – buildings should be recognisably of their time, or of a phase in their history. If they have been unsympathetically altered, the change should be easily reversible. A building which is substantially unaltered, or retains the majority of its original features, qualifies under this criterion.
(b) architectural, local or townscape significance - the building must be a good example of a particular local building type or style, or display good quality local craftsmanship and detailing.
(c) historical significance - the building should display physical evidence of periods of local economic, technical or social significance, well-known local people or historic events.

How do I find out what buildings are on the Local List?

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