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Dead animals, spillages and emergencies

The council operates a Waste Management call out system to deal with dead animals, spillages and emergencies relating to waste and road accidents on the public highway.


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Dead animals

Both domestic and wild animals (eg. deer - dead squirrels/rabbits, etc.) will not be treated as an emergency.  However, large animals such as deer, which obstruct traffic on the road, will be treated as an emergency. 

To report traffic accidents, spillages or highways related emergencies

  • Vehicle Traffic Accidents 
  • Liquid / oil spillage likely to cause a danger
  • Large amount of dumped refuse causing an obstruction to a footway or road
  • Large street cleansing problem that require immediate attention, eg hazardous, asbestos, broken glass, spilled lorry load, etc.

The Waste Management call out system can be contacted by telephone on:-

01992 564608

Monday to Friday (09:00 - 17:00 hrs)

01992 564000

Monday to Thursday (17:00 - 09:00 hrs), Friday (17:00) to Monday (09:00 hrs), All Bank Holidays

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