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What happens if I am affected by noise outside of normal office hours? For unreasonable levels of noise outside normal office hours, a restricted  ‘out of hours’ noise service is available to deal with the more serious noise issues. Environment & Neighbourhood officers will also carry out pre-arranged out of hours visits as and when required, after action has been taken to try and resolve complaints informally.

First complaint?

Please bear in mind that if it is the first time you have complained or have been disturbed, it may be better to wait until the next working day to consider if you want to make a formal complaint. Noise at night can be very upsetting to the people affected by it, however, the following day you may be able to discuss the issue with your neighbour and sort it out informally. Officers will judge each case on merit, but an officer will not normally visit on the first occasion, before we have tried to resolve the complaint informally.

Report Noise Complaints Online


Report it online


or telephone 01992 564000

Your call will be put through to an operator, who will forward your complaint to the duty noise officer. Only certain complaints will be forwarded after midnight (or before 1pm at weekends).

The complaints include:

  • Premises on an emergency call register (if you think the property you are complaining about should be added to the register, please contact us the next working day to discuss your complaint)
  • Requests from the police
  • Prolonged sounding of a car / house alarm where more than 3 complaints have been received
  • Ongoing noisy parties, where more than 3 complaints have been received
  • Subject to the above, the duty officer will aim to contact you within 15 minutes to explain what can be done about the problem and to offer advice. If a visit is made to assess for nuisance, the officer will aim to reach you within one hour. It is likely that the officer will have to enter your home to gather enough evidence to make a nuisance assessment. In some cases, the nature of the nuisance may mean that external assistance is required (e.g. to silence a house alarm) if this assistance is not available we may have to deal with the complaint the next day.

Help us to help you!

If you do need to make a complaint, it may help us to deal with your complaint faster if you can give us the following information:

  • A description of the noise
  • The address where the noise is coming from
  • How long the noise has being going on for
  • How the noise affects you
  • If you have complained before and how long ago


Officers will not normally carry out visits for one-off party complaints. Most of these end before any formal action can be taken and because they are one off events they may not amount to statutory nuisance. But it is worth phoning the out of hours noise service if you feel that noise from a party is unreasonable so that we have record of the complaint.


Phone Contact us....

Telephone: 01992 564000

Or you can write to us at:
Environment and Neighbourhoods Team, Environment & Street Scene, Epping Forest District Council,,  Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ


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