Land and water quality

The main function of the engineering, drainage and water team under land and water quality duties is to safeguard the environment and protect human health from the impacts of contamination and pollution:

The section administers the Council’s Contaminated Land Strategy and is responsible for the prioritisation and investigation of land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act (1990).
Private water supplies encompass any supply not provided by a licensed water undertaker or which is distributed via a private distribution network. The section monitors water quality, carries out risk assessments and enforces water quality standards in accordance with the Private Water Supplies Regulations (England) 2009.
The section keeps itself informed as to the quality of water within the public supply system. It works with water undertakers to identify water quality issues and liaises during incidents affecting water quality or continuity of supply.
Where contamination may impact on human health, the EDWT will investigate and seek to remedy the problem by offering advice, and where appropriate, by taking enforcement action. For issues involving the pollution of the water environment or larger industrial operations, the section works closely with the Environment Agency, who acts as the enforcing authority.

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Public sewers within Epping Forest District are the responsibility of Thames Water Utilities Limited:

Thames Water Utilities Limited
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