Private Sector Drainage

The main function of the engineering, water and drainage team under private sector drainage is to investigate problems with drainage throughout the district and ensure that blockages in private and public sewers are dealt with by the responsible persons.

The role of the private drainage officers within the team is to protect public health where a blockage or defect occurs on a private sewer.  If the person responsible for the drain or sewer can not or does not take action to ensure the sewer / drain operates properly, a legal notice will be served requiring work to be completed within a specified period of time.  Should the individual on whom the notice has been served fail to comply with its requirements within the time specified, we will appoint a contractor to carry out the work in default.  The costs of such works plus an administrative charge will be recharged to the owners or occupiers responsible for the sewer / drain.
The team manages a number of small sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations on behalf of the housing directorate that serve residential properties in rural areas where there are no public sewers.  These assets are checked and serviced on a regular basis to ensure the properties that they serve are not affected by any mechanical failures.

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Public sewers within Epping Forest District are the responsibility of Thames Water Utilities Limited:

Thames Water Utilities Limited
Customer Services
PO Box 440
Wiltshire SN38 2TU
Telephone: 08459 200 800

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