Recycling for Flats and Multiple Occupancy Dwellings

Recycling for flats


Recycling is everyone’s responsibility and if you live in a flat or multiple occupancy dwelling, you can still do your bit to boost recycling in the district.

Many flats in the Epping Forest district now have access to communal recycling bins for the collection of paper, card, cans, specified plastic containers, plastic bags, aerosols, foil and glass bottles and jars. The recycling containers have been labelled providing you with a guide as to which materials should be placed in each of the containers.


Red lidded 1,100 litre wheeled binRed Lidded Bin

  • All clean paper and card
  • Drink and food cans / tins
  • Foil and aerosols
  • Specified plastic packaging
  • Food and Drink Cartons (tetrapaks)

 Yellow Lidded Bin


Yellow lidded 340 litre wheeled bin

  •  Glass bottles and jars only.



Green lidded food waste wheeled bin

  • Food waste only.


No recycling wheeled bins at your block?

In order to recycle even more of Epping Forest district's waste, we are looking to install colour coded recycling wheeled bins at all suitable flats and other multiple occupancy dwellings within the district.

As every block of flats is different, we cannot locate recycling containers at flats without a site visit. This is to ensure that there is adequate space and that the bins are located in a suitable place for residents and the collection crews.

If you live in a flat and do not yet have specific containers for recycling, please ask your Managing Agents or Residents Committee to contact us on 01992 564608 to arrange an on site visit. In the interim you can still recycle by using the clear recycling sacks. These can be left along side your communal refuse wheeled bins. These recycling sacks will be collected by the recycling collection crews on the alternate week to the refuse wheeled bins being empted. If you are in a flat with its own front door (to the outside / onto the street) then it is probable you will already have the same bins as individual households.



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Telephone: 01992 564608


Or you can write to us at:
Recycling & Waste, Environment & Street Scene, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street,  Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ

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When are my bins emptied?

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