Special CollectionsSpecial collection

Special Collection

Disposing of large unwanted domestic items. 

The most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your unwanted items is to donate to charity or use an organisation that will take the items to reuse. 

Click here for more information on donating to charity including “Epping ReUse”  

Other charity organisations are available.

Epping Forest District Council offers a special collection service for bulky domestic household items such as beds, chairs, sofas, fridges and washing machines.

Contact us to arrange a special collection by our waste contractor, Biffa Municipal Ltd

There is a charge based on the number of items with a 50% concession for residents aged over 60

  • 1 to 3 items cost - standard £25.00 / OAP £12.50
  • 4 to 7 items cost - standard £37.50 / OAP £18.75
  • 8 to 10 items cost - standard £49.50 / OAP £24.75
  • 11 to 15 items cost - standard £63 / OAP £31.50

Items that are larger than 2 metres wide x 2.5 metres high can only be accepted if they are dismantled and will be charged as 2 items.

All items registered for collection must be put out for collection at the boundary of the property nearest the road side by 7am on the day of collection.

The only items that will be taken for collection will be those recorded at the time of booking.

We DO NOT accept the following items for a special collection:

  • No carpet or underlay, pianos or marble worktops, fixtures, fittings or building materials.
  • No hazardous waste and no chemical waste, paint or any other liquid substances.
  • No American fridge/freezers. 

If Epping Forest District Council cannot collect my waste from my doorstep, how can I dispose of it legally?

Essex County Council (ECC) provides a limited number of Recycling Centres for Household Waste. Always check before visiting to make sure the recycling centre is open and will take the waste you intend to dispose of. ECC will not allow commercial vehicles into most of their sites. Commercial waste cannot be disposed of at any ECC recycling centre. ECC also impose other restrictions on the waste you can take to a recycling centre.

Please visit ECC website on the link below for further information:


Email ECC: waste.management@essex.gov.uk

Call ECC: 0345 603 7625


How can I dispose of waste if Epping Forest District Council or Essex County Council will not take it?

If EFDC and ECC cannot take your waste (and you can’t recycle, reuse or donate it to be re-used) you will need to employ a waste disposal company. If you employ a waste disposal company always “Check, Challenge and Record” who you use to ensure that you comply with your duty of care and minimise the risk of your waste being fly-tipped. Be careful to check that any company you use is authorised to take your waste, to ensure you comply with your Household Duty of Care.  

If you are unsure of how to dispose of your unwanted items please call us on 01992 564608.

The Household Duty of Care further information:


"In 2005 the Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England and Wales) Regulations came in to force.  These regulations place a legal duty of care on every householder to ensure that people removing waste from their premises are authorised to do so. 


Reasonable steps householders should take:

  1. Ask the waste carrier to provide you with their full address and telephone number. 
  2. Ask to see their waste carrier licence issued by The Environment Agency.
  3. Contact The Environment Agency directly on 08708 506 506 and ask for a free instant waster carrier check. Alternatively go on line to The Environment Agency website and check the public register
  4. Make a note of the registration of any vehicle used to remove waste.

If you do not do this and your waste ends up being fly-tipped somewhere, you could be held liable and fined for the offence of fly-tipping or not taking care of your waste". 

Click below to download our leaflet:  

The Problem of fly tipping – Click here for more information http://www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/residents/your-environment/crime-safety/fly-tipping 

Phone Contact us....

Telephone: 01992 564608

Email: erefuse@eppingforestdc.gov.uk

Or you can write to us at:
Recycling & Waste, Environment & Street Scene, Epping Forest District Council, Civic Offices, High Street,  Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ

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When are my bins emptied?

Click here for details of our 4 day collection service

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