recycling What can I recycle and how?

 Please see below details of what you can recycle and how to use your kerbside collection services.

Your recycling and waste must be placed inside the boundary of your property at the nearest practical point to the highway on your scheduled collection day.

glass box

Blue Box

All glass bottles and jars are accepted - blue, green, brown and clear. Once your glass bottle or jar is empty, remove any bottle tops, lids or corks and give it a rinse. 

It is not necessary to remove labels, as these will be burned off when the glass is melted down. Excess glass can be put in a cardboard box, no larger than the size of the current blue box. 




Clear Recycling SackClear Sacks

Plastic milk bottles, drinks bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles including lids / tops.

Rigid food containers, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots and plastic bags. Please ensure containers are empty and rinsed.

All drinks cans and rinsed food cans. All cardboard including boxes, tubes and greeting cards.

Newspapers, catalogues, comics, phone directories, stationery, magazines, brochures, junk mail and household papers. All empty aerosols and clean foil/foil containers and food and drink cartons.

The Secret Life of Recycled Plastics:

More Recycling











Green Lidded Wheeled Bin

The following items can be collected in your green lidded wheeled bin. Collections take place weekly.

Food wasteGreen lid Bin

All cooked and uncooked food waste including:

Bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries
Dairy products such as cheese
Coffee ground and teabags
Fruit and vegetables
Leftover food from your dinner plate and dishes
Meat and fish (including bones) 

Garden waste

Dead Flowers
Grass and leaves

No soil, turfs or plant pots.

Newspaper can be used to wrap food waste or alternatively use the biodegradable bags with the correct logo. Please do not place any other type of plastic bags in your wheeled bin as this will cause contamination.

As usual in January we will be collecting your real Christmas trees for recycling.  Remove the tree from the pot, take off all decorations and tinsel.  Shake off any sprayed on or artificial snow.  Place your tree by your food and garden bin on collection day. We will only be able to collect real Christmas trees on your food and garden collections in January.  Christmas trees that are in excess of 6 feet need to be sawn in half. 

Black Wheeled Bingrey top bin

The black wheeled bin is for all your domestic waste that we do not collect for recycling. 

No additional rubbish other than the content of your wheeled bin will be collected, with the exception of polystyrene packaging which can be put out alongside your wheeled bin for collection.

Do not put any hardcore, rubble, cement, or builders waste, soil or turf, liquid or paint into your black wheeled bin as this can damage our collection vehicles.  Please take these to your Centre for Household Waste. (See link below). 

On collection day.

1. When placing your wheelie bins out for collection please ensure that the handles are facing the road and/or your recycling is in a visible position just inside the boundary of your property.

2. Put your containers at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day at the latest, but no earlier, than the evening before. 

No additional rubbish or side-waste. (Click here for Essex County Council Waste and Recycling Centres)

Can it be recycled?

Find out what you can recycle and where on the recyclenow website

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