Services for council tenants

The Housing Service manages around 6,500 council properties, in towns and villages throughout the District, and provides a range of services for council tenants.

Repairs and improvements to council properties

Repairs to council properties are dealt with by the Housing Repairs Service. The Housing Assets Section deals with long-term improvements of council properties as well as property adaptations for tenants with disabilities, the internal decorations service, gas servicing and energy efficiency works.

Housing management

Our council housing service is mainly paid for by the income from rents. We have three offices dealing with the collection of rent arrears and other tenancy matters such as anti-social behaviour. Tenants may have a Secure Tenancy or a Flexible (fixed-term) Tenancy.

Mutual exchange application

A mutual exchange is a 'swap' between two or more tenants who have secure or flexible (fixed-term) tenancies. You could move to another council or housing association property anywhere in the country. The exchange is arranged by the tenants but you must get the permission of your landlord, and make sure your exchange partners have done the same.

Buying your home from the council

Council tenants may have a legal right to buy their own homes and receive a discount on the purchase price. Houses are bought outright, while flats and maisonettes are leasehold purchases.

Tenant participation

Tenants are consulted on all major issues and tenant participation is encouraged through the Tenants and Leaseholders Panel and other residents groups.

Housing services for older people

The Communities Directorate has an older peoples' services team which operates the Careline emergency alarm service and provides support to council tenants in sheltered housing.

Housing News

Our six-monthly newsletter for our council tenants.

Fire safety

The Council has always taken fire safety and the safety of residents very seriously. Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in London, there is understandably concern about the safety of our blocks of council flats and the fire safety measures in place. For more information addressing some of the key concerns, please read our Information Note on the Council's approach to fire safety for the Council's housing stock.


Compliments and complaints

It is important to us that our customers are fully satisfied with the service they receive.  We are constantly reviewing our performance and striving to improve ourselves.

The tables below show the numbers of compliments and complaints received each quarter for the Communities Directorate:

Quarterly compliments and complaints performance 2018/19


Quarter 1: 40 29 x Stage 1, 1 x Stage 2
Quarter 2:    
Quarter 3:    
Quarter 4:    
Yearly totals    


Quarterly compliments and complaints performance 2017/18


Quarter 1: 92  24 x Stage 1, 2 x Stage 2
Quarter 2: 75 27 x Stage 1, 4 x Stage 2
Quarter 3: 58 24 x Stage 1, 2 x Stage 2
Quarter 4: 90 31 x Stage 1, 2 x Stage 2
Yearly totals 315   106 x Stage 1, 10 x Stage 2



Quarterly compliments and complaints performance 2016/17


Quarter 1: 64         32                                                                            
Quarter 2: 110        25                                                                            
Quarter 3: 282        20                                                                            
Quarter 4: 121        19                                                                            
Yearly totals 577         96                                                                           



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