Caravan sites, camping sites and residential park homes

The Private Sector Housing Team keeps a register of Touring and Holiday Mobile Home Parks in the Epping Forest district.

Contact the team if you want to report problems on any site, or if you have a query about licences. Phone: 01992 564706

The term caravan legally includes those which can be towed behind cars, motor homes, static holiday homes - and the more modern residential park homes, which often arrive on site in two sections and are then bolted together.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to get a site licence? You must gain planning permission before you can apply for a site licence, for more information on this please see our Planning (Development Control) pages. Once you have planning permission, contact the Private Sector Housing Team for a site licence application form, or use the link below to find out how to apply for a licence.

Caravan and Camping Site Licence

I live on a caravan site and feel that site conditions are poor, what can I do? You should check the conditions on the site licence, which are required to be available on site for inspection. If any of the conditions are not being complied with, or you can't get to see them, then contact us for advice.

Residential Park Homes

What do licence conditions control on residential park home sites? There are standard licence conditions for all sites within the Epping Forest district.  Conditions will cover issues such as density, spacing, fire precautions, water supplies, electricity and drainage connections.

We keep a Register of Site Rules (Park Homes) where the site owner has set their own rules for a residential park home site.

We also keep a register of Residential Mobile Home Parks.

The Team can advise you on the relevant licence conditions, and provide information on applying for a new licence. They are also responsible for ensuring that conditions are met on existing sites. To report problems on any site in the district, phone the Private Sector Housing Team on 01992 564706

Our fees policy can be downloaded below.

Useful information can be found on the Government's website

The Leasehold Advisory Service give information for owners of park homes, and site owners.

The law covering caravans and mobile homes is contained in:

  • Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 - This Act covers the licensing of caravan sites and the safety, welfare and management conditions which need to be provided.
  • Caravan Sites Act 1968 - This Act deals with protection from eviction from residential sites, and the maximum dimensions for caravans.
  • The Mobile Homes Act 1983 - This act covers the civil law between site owners and residents on ‘protected sites’. A protected site is one which has planning permission for permanent residential use and has been issued with a site licence.
  • The Mobile Homes Act 2013 - This Act amends some parts of the above legislation and gives more rights to residents of park home sites. The most important changes make it easier for residents to sell their home on the open market without involving the site owner. Other changes have been introduced in respect of Pitch Fees, Site Rules and Local Authority Licensing.

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