Planning for civil emergencies

Epping Forest District Council has a duty under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to plan for civil emergencies and major incidents.

A civil emergency (or major incident) may be defined as an emergency beyond the capacity and capability of any single agency to deal with. A civil emergency is widespread, potentially long term and resource intensive - the flooding in Somerset for example.

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Planning for civil emergencies falls into 3 phases

  1. Prepare
  2. Response
  3. Recovery


In the period before a civil emergency we will engage with partner agencies through the Essex Resilience Forum to ensure that plans are in place. We will also participate in various publicity campaigns to warn and inform residents regarding specific risks such as severe weather or flooding.


In the event of a civil emergency being declared, we will respond in support of the emergency services. This will normally be at the request of the Police and only via prearranged communication channels. 

Epping Forest District Council is not a 24/7 response organisation and takes time to mobilise. Out of office hours and at weekends, capability and capacity is limited.

  • If there is an immediate threat to life or property always call 999
  • For non-emergency calls dial 101 for the Police and 111 for the NHS


The local authority will normally facilitate the recovery from a civil emergency. This may include co-ordinating clean up arrangements, providing advice to residents and/or bringing together community groups to aid recovery.

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