Promoting equality through our services is very important to us. We work closely with customers, residents and employees to make sure that everyone can access our services and these services meet their needs. We publish information about the work we are doing to reduce inequality and show the progress we are making.We aim to provide a high standard of service which is accessible to all. Reducing inequality is an integral part of what we do and we will treat everyone and fairly according to their needs. We are actively seeking to narrow the gap between those people who are disadvantaged in comparison to others. We do this through a range of initiatives across our housing, planning, benefits, community and environmental services; and by identifying our priorities and objectives to work towards.

 We have a range of documents which provide more information on our equality work. These can be read using the following links:

The council has a Disability Forum via Facebook to help us with our work to improve the quality of everyday life for disabled people. 
We publish information about our equality work and our workforce to help others see what we are focussing on and what we have achieved. This information also helps make our decision making more transparent by helping to explain why we have come to certain conclusions and made certain decisions.We have produced and published a set of equality objectives for the four years from April 2016 together with an accompanying action plan. These focus on areas where we can make a real difference to the communities of the district and help to tackle real equality issues. We will publish our progress against the action plan every year in January.We also publish an annual report setting out the progress we have made across the whole range of our equality work. You can view our most recent Equality Report as well as previous editions using the following links 

Equality and our staff

We publish information about our employees including the equality profile of our workforce, together with statistics which show sickness levels and employee turnover. To view this information, visit our Workforce Information page.

Equality and engagement

The details of the consultations we have undertaken and the engagement we are involved in are also available. These provide both quantitative and qualitative evidence that we use to make equality related decisions or to address equality issues. To view these you can visit our Consultation page.  

We carry out analysis of our services and policies to make sure we take equality into account when making decisions and when planning and delivering our services.Understanding how the way we deliver our services affects different people with a wide range of needs and expectations helps us to develop practical solutions to problems and minimise disadvantage. Our system of equality analysis is called equality impact assessments and involves 2 stages

  1. Screening and scheduling - screening our activities makes sure we focus on the services which affect people the most such as our housing or waste management services. We then priorities these services within a 3 year schedule of assessments.
  2. Assessment - we then carry out the assessments to make sure our services meet people's needs and to identify any opportunities to advance equality.

View our equality impact assessments

We monitor who is using our services to gather information that we can use to improve our services. Equality monitoring information can tell us who is using our services and where to direct our services. This ensures we are reaching all sectors the community.We collect equality monitoring information through application forms, from surveys or when people use our services. If we find that certain groups of people aren't using particular services we can change the service to make sure that everyone receives equal access regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. The provision of this information is voluntary and will not affect the service or job opportunities you receive from the council. We will not pass the information to anyone else and all information is treated confidentially in accordance with data protection legislation. All information is anonymous and is used only to improve our services.

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